GelTape Painter's Tape

Why GelTapeTM?

Other tape adhesives are using 100-year-old technology and just don’t work on diverse surface textures. Paint seeps under areas not shielded by the adhesive, leaving uneven lines that take time to correct.

GelTapeTM’s the best paint barrier tape because its polyurethane seal fills the air gaps of uneven surfaces, adjusting to whatever surface you’re painting on, creating a paint barrier that seals GelTapeTM’s edge.

Washable PaintSurfaces

washable paint surfaces

The majority of paint sold in the United States is latex paint, which is water soluble and washable.

Part of latex paint’s popularity is faster drying. But when washable paint like latex dries, it forms a “skin” that can tear when removing your tape.

GelTapeTM’s polyurethane seal creates a multi-dimensional barrier to latex paint, keeping its latex “skin” from ripping when you remove it.

Non-Washable PaintSurfaces

non-washable paint surfaces

Other tapes are “activated” by the water in paint, but oil-based non-washable paint doesn’t have water in it. Hello, surface gaps that invite paint bleed. Hello, jagged edges.

GelTapeTM’s polyurethane seal behaves differently, creating a physical barrier that results in beautiful, clean edges. No touch-up needed.

The World’s Best Paint Barrier Technology

Look around practically every home’s ceiling, and you’ll see the uneven edge where painters used bad tape or an unsteady hand along the edge between wall and ceiling.

GelTapeTM will make your home look like it was painted by pros. GelTapeTM is formulated to be effective:

  • Between walls and ceilings
  • Along wood trim, chair rails or baseboards
  • Around glass on doors or windows
  • Anywhere two colors meet
  • On both washable (latex) and unwashable (oil-based) paint
  • On all textures from brick to drywall
GelTape Painter's Tape is proven to work better

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